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Welcome to my Career Choice and Career Change/Transition page. If you're here, you probably fall into one of three categories. You either need help:

1) Simply choosing your first career – or for a business professional, a brand new field;

2) You have skills and interest that apply to multiple industries or jobs but are having difficulty choosing the right one to focus on and pursue;

3) You know the career change you want to make, but aren’t sure how to market yourself appropriately in order to make a successful transition.

Whether you are a young person and recent graduate just starting out, or a professional trying to launch the next chapter of your career in a completely different line of work, or even a new business, I’ll create an achievable plan to reach your goals and find a satisfying and rewarding field. My clients (testimonials below) attest to my success in this area, as well as my own personal experience of having chosen a career and later transitioned to a new field.

Below, please find a breakdown of the services I provide across all three categories noted above, as well as testimonials from clients, how I work and my rates. I look forward to coaching you!

Category No. 1 – Simply Choosing a Career: Recent College Graduates; Retired Military; Retired Professional Athletes; or Existing Business Professionals Unhappy in Their Current Role

Did you graduate from college recently or in the past few years, yet have no interest in pursuing the career for which you earned your degree?

Are you an existing business professional that feels unfulfilled or not challenged enough in your current job or career? Have you tried different jobs or careers, but nothing’s been really enjoyable or satisfying? Are you uncertain of your career path or future goals? Do you feel ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’? If you answered yes to any of these questions, first off, understand you are not alone. Changing careers is more common than you might think. In fact, what I do now wasn’t my first career! If I can reinvent myself, so can you!

Are you a career military professional that’s recently been honorably discharged and is now seeking your first job outside the service? Are you a recently retired professional athlete trying to figure out "now what?"

As an accomplished career transition expert, I’ve helped young graduates; seasoned military professionals; retired professional athletes; and business professionals unhappy in their current job successfully choose the right career, whether for a firm in the private sector, government entity, nonprofit organization or launching their own new business. What I do best is help you determine the right career path by focusing on opportunities that match your unique personality, interests and skills.

Each semester, I also teach a "Career Change" course through the San Diego Community College District. Read testimonials about what students learned on my LinkedIn profile. 

Category No. 1 – Overview of Services

If you don’t know the career you want to pursue, we first start with an assessment of what makes you unique – and there is no right or wrong answer here. Everyone’s DNA is different and no two people are wired exactly the same. Using a combination of my expertise coupled with assessment tests, we’ll determine the most realistic possible careers for you, including identifying an “entry point” into a new field that interests you, which may include a potential internship/shadowing or volunteer program.

Category No. 1 – Client Testimonials

“When your baseball career suddenly ends, starting the next chapter of your life is extremely challenging. The only profession you’ve known is playing baseball. Thanks to Joe, I now have direction. He’s helped me identify three realistic career options, and to this end, I recently secured an apprenticeship pertaining to one of those careers. This paid, hands-on opportunity will enable me to determine if this particular career is what I want to do long-term. And Joe taught me important networking skills that helped me land the apprenticeship. He’s also educated me about how to network the right way on LinkedIn. Joe’s not only boosted my confidence by teaching me how to take advantage of my existing capabilities, but he’s also offered among the best business advice I’ve ever received. He’s been very understanding and supportive and I’m grateful for the career transition services he’s provided.” – JV, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player (helped client secure an apprenticeship)

“Joe has been very helpful in providing me with career advice as well as the best ways to highlight my skills. He is a good listener and very thorough in making sure he has all the information he can to help his clients.” – LH (helped client choose a career to pursue)

“He showed me to follow the proverb, ‘Choose you passion, not your pension,’ because one of the keys to success in job hunting is to apply for a job that you like doing. I was pleased by his approach to job hunting. I realized that the job market is not something to be contemplated as something bleak, but as gaining inspiration, humor, using your skills and talents to your advantage and maybe even upgrading yourself for the position that you're pursuing. I highly recommend his services.” – EG (helped client choose a specific career to focus on)

Want to talk to any of these clients? Contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email and I will put you in touch.

Category No. 2 – Career Choice/Transition: Skills and Interest For Multiple Industries, But Need Help Picking One

Category No. 2 – Overview of Services

Deep down as well as on paper, multiple careers genuinely interest you – and you have the qualifications based on your unique skills to perform well in more than one field. But you’re having a very difficult time picking the right career to pursue – because you don’t want to have two jobs/careers at the same time, right? Using a combination of my expertise coupled with career assessment tests, we’ll determine the best path for you, including identifying your “entry point” into the chosen targeted field as well as the best strategy to secure interviews and employment.

Category No. 2 – Client Testimonials

“Joe gives you the straight story. He is honest in his approach and recommendations even if it is not what the client would like to hear. He is not a 'yes man.' In my experience, that speaks to his integrity, which is the best currency in my book.”  – SK (Candidate over the age of 50 successfully made a challenging transition into a new career)

“Joe was so professional and absolutely personable. He was extremely helpful in making sure I really highlighted all my experience in my career no matter how big or small.” – JG (helped client better communicate his key skills to make a successful transition)

Want to talk to any of these clients? Contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email and I will put you in touch.

Category No. 3 – Career Change: You Know the New Career You Wish to Pursue, But Not How to Go About Transitioning to a Completely New Profession

If you know the career you want to transition into, you’re probably struggling with this stark reality: how do I differentiate and market myself against the competition in an industry I’ve never worked in?

I’ve helped those just like you successfully make a challenging transition. I’ve even made transitions in my career – from full-time journalist to corporate marketing manager to my role today as a career services expert! Using my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation, we’ll develop an achievable plan to achieve your goals.

Category No. 3 – Overview of Services

It can be very frustrating – and scary at the same time – trying to make a career transition, even when you know with certainty the field you now want to pursue. Using my proven experience, I will help you differentiate and sell yourself against your competition in your new field. Additionally, I’ll identify the most realistic “entry point” for the career you’re seeking such as the specific job title/s to target in your job search. Finally, I’ll help you develop the best strategy to secure interviews and employment.

Category No. 3 – Client Testimonials

“Joe has immediately helped me really focus on leveraging my own unique strengths and gifts, and differentiating those strengths and gifts from others. He’s also taught me vital skills that I’m using right now toward accomplishing my future career goals. His work style is very honest, direct, and professional. He takes a ‘probing approach’ that I really understand, which pulls at your heart strings to help bring out the best in you and really go for what you want. Joe is truly a master of his craft.” – CT (successfully made a career transition)

“Joe worked with me closely on analyzing the type of audiences and market opportunities I would have for my (business). I now have a more clear and targeted marketing strategy, which Joe helped me frame.” – EC (helped client over age 50 launch a new business)

Want to talk to any of these clients? Contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email and I will put you in touch.

How I Work

Transition services are primarily provided via 30-minute telephone coaching sessions. In certain cases, we may meet in person or connect via video (like Skype). During the coaching sessions, I will teach you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to maximize your potential and achieve your goals.

Each 30-minute session is designed with an agenda at the beginning and a realistic “goal” or “outcome” to achieve by the end of each call. My coaching services are 100% substantive and skill-based,” meaning that you will learn “how to” take action(s) using the skill(s) I teach you. For most clients, transition services will likely require multiple coaching sessions. The specific amount will depend on your unique needs and we can discuss this during a free consultation.

To learn the process of how you’ll achieve success, visit the Why I Get Results page to see how my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation will serve as our foundation.

Next Steps: Free, 10-minute Consultation

I provide a free, 10-minute telephone consultation to all new clients (contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email). If you’d rather skip the consultation and get started right away, that’s an option, too, because for new clients, your first session will be 40 minutes (10 minutes of which will be free).

I charge $100.00 for a 30-minute telephone, Skype or in person coaching session, or $200.00 for a one-hour session (for new clients, 10 additional minutes will be no extra charge). U.S. military or first responder (including retired)? Please contact me for special discount! For in person sessions, I charge the same hourly rate if the travel is outside my zip code (clients have the option of traveling to my area to avoid travel costs). Payment is required prior to the commencement of any services. 

Purchase Process

Please contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email regarding payment options.

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