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Welcome to my Career Coaching Services page. Here you will learn about all the services I provide via telephone, video (like Skype) or in-person appointment to improve your career. The communication method by which you receive my ‘how to’ coaching depends on your specific needs, which we can discuss during a free, 10-minute telephone consultation at 858-531-7128. On this page, you can also read testimonials from clients I’ve helped; learn here how we’ll work together; and what I charge for my services. Occasionally I offer discounts: ask me.

What is Career Coaching anyway? It’s not therapy or fluff. It’s a process that focuses on helping you learn the skills, knowledge and experience you need to maximize your potential and achieve your goals. My coaching services are 100% substantive and ‘skill-based,’ meaning that you will learn “how to” take action(s) using the skill(s) I teach you just ask my clients! (testimonials below).

I look forward to educating you! I know you will be a rock star student!

Coaching Services Overview
My coaching encompasses three primary areas:

1. Interviewing Skills;

2. Salary/Compensation Negotiations;

3. Online and Offline Proactive Job Hunting Techniques.

You can learn more details about each of these services below.

1. Not Getting Job Offers? Learn Successful Interviewing Skills

Are you securing interviews, but not getting job offers? If you’ve interviewed with at least five different companies – and you met their qualifications, yet didn’t get an offer – then something is definitely wrong.

Interviewing Services Overview

I identify the problem(s) and recommend solutions. Using role playing/“mock interviews,” I’ve helped job seekers prepare for and succeed in a telephone, in-person, technical, video and oral presentation interview (both a one-on-one in person interview and a group/panel interview) to secure the job offer as the top candidate.

You’ll learn how to stand out from competitors during the interviewing process using behavioral techniques, and also be better prepared. Additionally, you’ll discover how to answer the tough questions, as well as what questions to ask the employer that shows you're more than prepared and ready to take on the job. By the end of the coaching, your body language, tone and words will radiate with likeability and confidence, and you will be prepared to outsmart your competitors during interviews. Additionally, I teach clients how to successfully negotiate for greater salary compensation (read more about this by scrolling down).

Interviewing coaching services are provided primarily in person and/or via video (like Skype) via 30-minute sessions. For some clients, it will require only one coaching session. For others, it might be multiple sessions. To learn the process of how you’ll achieve success, visit the Why I Get Results page to see how my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation will serve as our foundation.

Interviewing Skills Client Testimonials

“Joe, I just found out last night after my third interview that I will be receiving an offer before the end of the week. My dream job and company. Thanks for all your help and follow ups.” – RB

“Joe has given me strong advice to improve my body language during interviews. He has helped me both by phone and by Skype. His judgment, knowledge and ideas are well founded in experience and research. I would recommend Joe to anyone that needs help and coaching along the way.” – LM 

“Joe provided the group with valuable, hands-on examples about how to bring out our very best qualities during the interviewing process.” – GP

Each semester, I also teach an “Interviewing and Compensation Negotiations” class through the San Diego Community District. Read testimonials about what students learned on my LinkedIn profile.

Want to talk to any of my clients? Contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email and I will put you in touch.

2. Want to Make More Money? Acquire Key Salary/Compensation Negotiating Skills

In a recent survey, four of five employers nationwide revealed they are willing to negotiate with candidates for greater compensation. But do you struggle with how to ask for more money? Do you even know what you are worth?

Negotiating Services Overview

Using role playing, I teach you how to negotiate for greater pay compensation, as well as other benefits, including healthcare; vacation time; telecommuting; and more. You will be prepared with how to make a successful counter to an initial salary offer – and for those currently employed – how to make the case and secure a well-deserved raise. You’ll also learn how to determine what you’re worth because you can’t negotiate if you don’t know what you’re worth!

Negotiating techniques are provided via 30-minute telephone, video (like Skype) or in person sessions. For some clients, it will require only one coaching session. For others, it might be multiple sessions. To learn the process of how you’ll achieve success, visit the Why I Get Results page to see how my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation will serve as our foundation.

Negotiating Skills Client Testimonials

“Hi Joe. I owe you much thanks...Your tips on salary negotiations helped. I was offered (an initial salary) but was able to have them agree to ($15,000 more annually). Thank you again for everything! I thank God for the timing of you coming into my life and the assistance you gave. You're very knowledgeable and know your stuff." – LH

“Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know your techniques work. I am getting the job offer! Thanks a million!” – AB

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Exceptional work Joe! I will be referring you to everyone I know. With much gratitude.” – SF

“Hi Joe, just a friendly note to let you know that I finally landed a job! I really enjoy it and do believe this is home for the long-term. They hired me at a higher pay than advertised!” – PS

Each semester, I also teach an “Interviewing and Compensation Negotiations” class through the San Diego Community District. Read what key skills students learned during the course on my LinkedIn page.

3. Are You Proactively Outsmarting, Outsearching and Outnetworking your Competitors Online and Offline? Discover How To

Is most or all of your job search strategy focused primarily on applying to posted or advertised jobs? Are you seeking employment in an industry with only a limited number of jobs or none posted online?

Simply emailing your resume in response to a job advertisement is “reactive” and only 50 percent of an effective job hunting strategy. I teach the other 50 percent – how to be successfully “proactive.” And to truly maximize your job hunt strategy, you have to be proactive – both online and offline.

Proactive job hunting techniques are provided primarily via 30-minute telephone coaching sessions. Depending on your needs, it will require only one coaching session. For others, it might be multiple sessions. To learn the process of how you’ll achieve success, visit the Why I Get Results page to see how my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation will serve as our foundation.

I will coach you how to proactively improve both your online and offline job hunt as follows:

No. 1 – Strategy Development

Before execution, we’ll first need a sound strategy – to differentiate you from your competition.

No. 2 – Execution: Proactive Job Hunting Services Overview

With a strategy now in place, I’ll cater the coaching services to your specific strategy and needs. Below are some of the key skills you'll learn (depending on your knowledge level and needs):

Proactive Online Techniques:

The key stakeholders at the hiring organizations you are trying to persuade are on LinkedIn, and likely Facebook, Twitter and Google+, too. Are you? And do you know how to proactively – and effectively – use these tools to appropriately connect directly with these key stakeholders? What about networking with your LinkedIn “connections,” which may include current or former colleagues? Recruiters? Decision makers at staffing agencies? Hiring managers? Other key influencers that may be in your inner circle as a result of your relationships with family; friends; friends of friends; or acquaintances?

I teach you how to use and take advantage of all the unique tools on LinkedIn and other social media sites to outsmart your competitors, including connecting with decision makers at hiring organizations, as well as recruiters and key personnel at staffing agencies. I also teach you how to maximize a keyword rich campaign on LinkedIn so you rank higher than your competitors, not only on LinkedIn but also on other on social media sites and via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Secure and leverage “connections” on LinkedIn to identify and appropriately write hiring managers, recruiters or key personnel at staffing agencies via an introductory/pitch letter/email on LinkedIn and/or elsewhere;
  • Draft follow up letters/emails to key stakeholders that have been identified (above);
  • Garner LinkedIn “recommendations” and “endorsements;”
  • Participate in LinkedIn “groups” and secure more contacts.

You will also learn the following proactive online techniques:

  • Incredibly time-saving, shortcuts to help you maximize your time, including what keywords to enter in search engines to quickly find specific opportunities you might have missed and/or contact information of hiring managers and other key influencers.

Proactive Offline Techniques (off the Internet):

Remember the world before the Internet? Well, I’m here to tell you it still exists! In addition to being proactive online, I teach you how to be proactive “offline” in person with key stakeholders. You will learn how to:

  • Secure one-on-one “informational interviews” and what to say during them;
  • Network with decision makers at a business event, job fair or trade show and communicate your best skills via a simple 10 second and 30 second elevator “pitch;”
  • Follow up by telephone with hiring managers; recruiters; and key personnel at staffing agencies after you’ve established initial contact;
  • Participate in an industry association and build and grow relationships with key influencers;
  • Leverage the importance of references during the interviewing process.

Proactive Job Hunting Client Testimonials

“Hi Joe, I took your advice and did not post my resume. I selected companies in industries I liked. I sent it (the resume you wrote) to two companies and received interviews for both. Thanks so much.” – SL

“I would like to thank you for offering your services to me! It's been a worthwhile experience to use your resume services along with video training & coaching that has landed me full-time employment.” – RF

“Joe has taught me how to use LinkedIn to connect with decision makers. Thank you so much, Joe, for your help! It was priceless.” – SD

“The one thing that helped me most was the 10 second and 30 second speeches along with the role playing – what I do, what I do well and what I can do for you. You have to know it cold. Thanks again for your help.” – DW

“I had no idea how to market myself as a professional and as a result had a resume which was unsellable to say the very least. Joe gave me advice that led to a transformation of my resume. I found employment within a week of rendering his services. I would STRONGLY recommend Joe. He knows what he is doing and he genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals.” – JW

“Joe’s succinct, straightforward approach delivers compelling information relevant to today's job market. His personalized attention and feedback were instrumental in empowering me in my career.” – MC

Want to talk to any of these clients? Contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email and I will put you in touch.

Next Steps: Free, 10-minute Consultation

I provide a free, 10-minute telephone consultation to all new clients (contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email). If you’d rather skip the consultation and get started right away, that’s an option, too, because for new clients, your first session will be 40 minutes (10 minutes extra).

I charge $100.00 for a 30-minute telephone, Skype or in person coaching session, or $200.00 for a one-hour session. U.S. military or first responder (including retired)? Please contact me for special discount! 
For in person sessions, I charge the same hourly rate if the travel is outside my zip code (clients have the option of traveling to my area to avoid travel costs). Payment is required prior to the commencement of any services.

Purchase Process

Please contact me at 858-531-7128 or via email regarding payment options.

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