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Welcome to my ‘Why I Get Results’ page, commonly referenced as ‘About Me’ on most of my competitors’ websites. But you’re not here for me – you’re here for you. Because it’s your career we’re talking about and what you’re paying for is results. So beware: a lot of resume writers and career coaches talk up their ‘experience.’ Yet experience is only as great as the results achieved for you.

My writing, coaching and career choice/transition services are clearly outlined on their respective pages. On the other hand, this page clearly explains to you why I’ve consistently achieved great results for clients via my Five-Step Core Model focused on Differentiation – and why you should choose me.

But don’t just take my word for it. Review testimonials from clients on my home, writing, coaching and choice/transition pages. Also, on my LinkedIn profile, read testimonials from more clients, plus students that have learned key skills during my my Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter Writing,” Interviewing and Compensation Negotiations,Career Change and How to really use LinkedIn to Improve your Job Search courses through the San Diego Community College District. You can also see reviews on Google and Yelp

Five-Step Core Model Focused on Differentiation

Why am I so successful for my clients? Why am I really good at what I do? My unique, five-step core model is my foundation and it’s focused on what I refer to as Differentiation:

Step 1 – A Smart Differentiation Strategy: To advance your career, you first have to think about it in terms of your target industry and your competitors. It starts with self-awareness. What do you do best? What are your weaknesses? You certainly have strengths, but also likely have weaknesses, too. Yet so does your competition – the other job seekers you’re competing with. And who is it you are trying to persuade after all?

Why Should An Employer Choose You After All?

How do you sell yourself against your competition? Why are you the better choice? Are your own unique talents and qualities clearly distinguishable from your competitors? What do you offer your competition doesn’t? And what’s the proper strategy to convey you’re the best option to an employer?

Here’s where I help you: I bring out the best in what differentiates you, and, therefore, how to market you. It’s why I call my business Joe Connor Career Marketing. You are literally marketing yourself. Because to achieve your career goals – you must know A) who you are trying persuade; B) who your competitors are; and C) why you’re the best choice. This is the No. 1 focus in everything I do for my clients – and it’s also where I help you first.

Since I know what opportunities exist and what organizations are looking for in candidates they hire, I bring out your best qualities that will achieve the result you want based on your skills, knowledge, experience, accomplishments and potential. By the end of Step 1, I will have defined your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities – and, to that end, how to differentiate you from your competitors.

Step 2 – Defining Success Based on a Clear and Inspiring Vision: Once you know how to differentiate yourself, the next step is to create a clear and inspiring vision for what success will “look like” for you at the end of this journey (after all, you are not hiring me long-term!). What will you deem successful? Together, we will specifically define success, including a plan for how you will celebrate – for example, once you’ve landed the job!

Step 3 – A Realistic, Achievable Plan: Once I know how I’m going to differentiate you from your competitors (Step 1) and we’ve determined how success will be defined (Step 2), the next step is to create an achievable plan before the actual execution. The plan will be practical and based on sound logic. Here’s an easy example: for every 30 jobs you apply to, you are not going to secure 10 interviews – not realistic. Think of the “plan” as your compass in a dense forest – never lose sight of it.

Step 4 – Commit and Go: You’re now ready to apply yourself because Differentiation (Step 1); Success (Step 2); and a Realistic Achievable Plan (Step 3) have been defined. In short, it’s time to Commit and Go. That means applying to jobs using the resume I’ve written and using the key “how to” skills I’ve taught you during coaching.

Step 5 – Results Analysis: You are marketing yourself and marketing is an imperfect science. That means you won’t know if the plan is working (Step 3) until you perform a Results Analysis. Yet because we’ve defined success through a Clear and Inspiring Vision (Step 2) and determined a Realistic Achievable Plan (Step 3), there will be no denying the results! In other words, if your career marketing has worked, you’ll know it. 

About Me

Why do I do what I do? Because I thoroughly enjoy it and I achieve great results for my clients. I get a genuine sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from helping clients promote their special gifts and talents using my unique career marketing expertise focused on differentiation. In short, I'm a problem solver. My passion is helping clients understand the mistakes they are making – and delivering results – so they achieve their career goals.

I’ve been helping job seekers achieve their career goals for more than 10 years. I’m also an Instructor for the San Diego Community College District. Following each course, nearly 100 percent of students surveyed via an anonymous written form have circled “I would recommend this class to others” and virtually all have circled they “learned more in this class” than they expected they would and are now “more confident” applying the skills learned to advance their career. Students have described my teaching style as “informative,” “personable,” “easy to understand” and “articulate.” They also describe me as “passionate” – and they’re right. I take great pride in my work. Additionally, I’m often asked to speak publicly and share my expertise at business and career events and seminars throughout Southern California.

My Career Evolution/Transition/Transformation

I began my career as a full-time journalist before transitioning into the corporate marketing/public relations field, and later, my current profession of career services. And prior to starting my own business, I managed multiple team members at two different companies in two different industries. I also recruited and hired employees. I’ve experienced hundreds of resumes in my email Inbox with a deadline from my boss to make a hire – and I know what a hiring manager is looking for and not looking for. In short, I know how to persuade hiring managers because I’ve been one.

During my career, I’ve helped a variety of clients advance their career, from entry-level to middle management to executives, including candidates over age 50; the long-term unemployed; and stay-at-home mom’s ready to re-enter the workforce, plus international students, immigrants and newcomers to the U.S.

I’ve assisted job seekers in multiple industries, including healthcare, pharma, finance, aerospace, telecommunications and IT (cloud computing, software, hardware). I’ve also helped clients in the automotive, education, electronics, environmental, legal, non-profit, publishing, real estate, retail, sports and entertainment and transportation fields, plus consumer packaged goods, food and beverage and the public/government sector.

Contact me to talk about your career goals. I offer a free 10-minute telephone consultation. Reach me at 858-531-7128 or via email.

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